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Chiropractic important!

I have been a patient of Dr. Bob's for over 30 years, & have brought my son since his birth too! My first visit years ago was to bring a friend w/bad back problems..of which I had none. However, I quickly learned about how chiropractic is a fundamental to one's overall health & have been a patient of Dr. Bob's since. As a health-conscience person, I consider Dr Bob a valuable & primary part of my overall health maintenance for both me & my son...often times consulting him even before heading to my PCP, etc., for various issues. Chiropractic is not just about your back, it's about your overall & complete health! Thank you Dr. Bob & Marysia!

Foot Issue

Dr. Bob, Not sure what kind of magic you worked today, but when I got home I was able to stand on my toes and heels! I haven't been able to do that since March! -Thanks

My wife, Jeanne, and I very highly recommend Dr. Gensler without reservation. He is so much more than a Chiropractor who can treat and resolve back/spine problems. Both of us have been patients of Dr. Gensler for a number of years, and he has consistently resolved any back/spine problems - and more! Please think of Dr. Gensler as much more than a back/spine Chiropractor. Please let him know all about your health problems. Recently he adjusted two bones and relieved the pains in my foot. After a foot doctor took an x-ray, proved that no bones were broken, but had no further suggestions for treatment. Dr. Gensler also adjusted my jaw to relieve pains after I had too vigorously been chewing hard, crusty bread over a period of a couple of weeks.

I have spent the last two years in pain, sometimes so bad I wasn't able to sleep. I went to see at least four doctors, and was misdiagnosed each time. When my doctors changed again, the new doctor finally diagnosed a rib out of place. She told me to see a chiropractor, and so I came to see Dr. Gensler. In short time he had me out of pain and able to sleep. I saw Marysia for some yoga exercises and between the both I can say I am pain-free. Thanks for taking such good care of me.

Dr. Bob,I just wanted to thank you again for all you've done to help me through this very stressful time. I'm so happy to be a patient of yours. You're an amazing person. Thanks for all you do!

Who would have thought a Thursday fifteen-minute Subluxation treatment at Dr. Robert Gensler's Chestnut Hill Chiropractic & Rehabilitation office would have enabled me to get up on Saturday morning with a feeling of well-being and being fully alive. After two intestinal operations two years in a row, I was left with a nagging discomfort in the abdomen. A trip to Dr. Gensler and the relief was amazing. In the beginning, when a friend told me about Dr. Gensler's D.N.F.T treatments, I was pessimistic, an unbeliever, but now with this result I will definitely be a regular patient. I have other joints for him to work his Directional Non-Force Technique on!

I greatly appreciate the attention and help that you provided to me when I was sick. I was fortunate to be your patient. You are an excellent doctor! Thank you so much.

My daughter was eight months pregnant and her back was out. She was bent over and I had to drive her to Dr. Bob's. She went in bent over, and came out a little better. But after a few visits, I saw before my eyes what this man had done for her. She was cured.I came to Dr. Bob in awful pain. My friend had planned a trip to Ireland, and the only way I could go was if I had a wheelchair. After a few treatments, I am very near walking perfectly. My back is cured. I am going to Ireland on Tuesday. All I can say, this man is a miracle worker, and I would still be in my wheelchair without him. Thank you Dr. Bob. You are a gentleman.

After about three months of chiropractic therapy with Dr. Gensler, I began to take yoga rehabilitation sessions with Marysia. I was able to notice the results immediately. As a supplement to chiropractic, I have found that yoga rehabilitation has reduced my back pain and muscle aches, along with improving my alignment, posture, flexibility, circulation, breathing, and even my mood. Marysia is a great yoga instructor and trainer. She works with Dr. Gensler to come up with specific exercises to focus on the area that I most need improvement in. After working with me for a few weeks, she has helped me identify the muscle areas that are keeping my alignment from improving and helped me adjust and lengthen those areas. Her individual sessions are very personalized and she is very willing to work at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Despite this, Marysia is not afraid to make you work hard and push you to your limits if you are ready for it. Yoga is as much a mental exercise as it is physical, and Marysia’s coaching helps me stay relaxed and poised as I work through the most challenging poses. If you have scoliosis or some kind of skeletal imbalance, you are cheating yourself if you don’t supplement chiropractic therapy with yoga with Marysia!

I injured my back, simply, the pain was great. After three visits to Dr. Gensler I felt like a new person. I can’t thank him enough.

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